restoration of a Körting Excello "Stadion" 15" field coil speaker from 1932

Telefunken SB86 studio speaker

some storage impressions from our speaker stock

Klangfilm cinema field coil speaker from 1937

vintage  1962 cinema speaker baffles that were mounted in the wall behind the screen

Pair KL 405 / T14 SIEMENS

Philips Kino Hörner , sandgefüllt mit dicken Treibern

complete portable klangfilm speaker system from 1935 with fieldcoil speaker, power supply, Triode amplifier and matching cables

" Window of sound " with K+H Telewatt baffles


K+H speaker baffle ( Telewatt ) 

Klangfilm KL L 406 15"

Klangfilm Klarton & Klarton Junior 1934 Ufa Hamburg

Klangfilm KL44022 , center the voice coil with AC power

testing a 1934 Klangfilm klarton